Admission Accomplie

Admission Accomplie Academy – ages 13+

Our Academy programs provide a supportive and low-pressure environment for students to explore academic interests and gain purpose-driven enrichment experiences that inspire engagement and encourage personal growth.

With a curriculum delivered in English, the Academy runs in parallel to the school year in small groups and offers a range of learning techniques including project-based, social-based, and multilingual-based. Your child will develop critical skills that give them a head start as they grow and consider future academic goals.

The Academy

Initation Accomplie and Preparation Accomplie are designed to work with students from 5eme through the end of 2nde to lay the groundwork for a successful university application. We work 1:1 with each student to guide them in developing their interests and academic success. The programs offer a varied approach to learning, including 1-1 coaching and mentoring for students and parents, group workshops and expert guest speakers.

Initiation Accomplie
5eme & 4eme

Working with students to identify academic strengths and areas for improvement, build strong study practices, explore a variety of career paths and plan for successful summer experiences.

Preparation Accomplie

3eme & 2nde

Building on the foundation of our Initiation program, here we identify leadership opportunities, volunteer programs, capstone projects, academic awards, student conferences and competitions. All designed to differentiate the student.

We have limited spaces available for our 2024-2025 Academy, for more information please contact us via email to schedule a brief call.