Admission Accomplie

Meet The Team


BA, MA (Cantab), University of Cambridge

After becoming a chartered surveyor in London, Liz worked in the valuation department of a German bank in Berlin for three years before settling in Paris where  she continued to value commercial property. Subsequently, Liz transitioned into education by completing a TEFL course to teach English to young adults. Her decision was influenced by her experience with her three sons navigating the French education system and studying abroad. Liz joined the team in 2016 and is dedicated to both her professional role and her involvement in competitive sports. She currently captains the ladies’ tennis team and devotes her leisure time to organizing sporting events and fundraising for causes close to her heart.


BA, Princeton University; MA, NYU & Sciences Po; PhD, NYU & EHESS; Certificate in College Advising, UC Berkeley

With over 25 years of experience in education from K12 academic advisor to university faculty, Sheila is a seasoned expert in guiding students from high school to university and graduate programs worldwide. As a trained counselor, Sheila brings a pedagogical approach to university and career advising. She focuses on helping students achieve success by emphasizing strong Executive Functioning skills, encouraging peak academic performance, inspiring extra-curricular passions, and crafting winning essays – her guiding principle is for students to feel confident and proud of their achievements throughout the entire application process


BA Villanova University, MA Intl & Comparative Education Harvard University

With over twenty years of teaching experience across four countries, predominantly in international and bilingual classrooms, Amanda brings a rich background in global education. Her involvement with Harvard’s Project Zero team deepened her cross-cultural education understanding. With seven years of non-profit management experience in educational nonprofits in Boston, Amanda is dedicated to providing enriching learning experiences that prepare students for an ever-changing world. By fostering relationships, attentive listening, and facilitating connections, she creates positive learning environments for students and educators, rooted in the present and poised for the future.


BA Birmingham, PGCE University of Bat

Sarah began her career as a French and Spanish language teacher in the United Kingdom, and relocated to France in 1998, supporting her children in transitioning to the French educational system. Starting in 2006, she led the French branch of a Hong Kong-based company and traveled extensively through Asia and the Middle East. Sarah is deeply passionate about education and assisting students in realizing their potential. She also possesses a clear understanding of the challenges that students in the French education systems face, both at the high school and preparatory levels


MA – Maîtrise LLCE anglais (Sorbonne III / University of Sussex) CAPES externe d’anglais

After obtaining a literary masters between Sorbonne and Sussex, Eva returned to her native France where she worked for 20 years as a state-qualified teacher of both French and English within the lycée system. Eva then became interested and heavily invested in the natural follow-on from this activity as her charges began to ask for her help in applying to English-speaking universities in the UK and the rest of Europe. She embarked on a programme of training to help respond to this growing need. Eva is dedicated to the whole-student approach in both her pedagogy and her orientation advice. With her flawless command of English, her dedication to the cause of international education and her intimate knowledge of the French educational system, Eva is an invaluable member of the team.


MBA IE Business School Madrid

After two decades of working in the corporate sector, including a ten-year period in the United States, and successfully completing an Executive MBA program at IE in Madrid, Robert embarked on an entrepreneurial venture in 2020. Since relocating to Paris in 2007 with his family, Robert has had firsthand exposure to the cultural disparities and differences in teaching methods between the United States and France. His initial experience, involving his son, prompted him to delve deeper into the intricacies of the application processes for foreign schools from France. Robert specializes in, amongst others, the European business schools


MBA IE Business School Madrid

After earning an International Business degree in the Netherlands, Mascha moved to France to pursue her Master’s in International Relations. She began her professional career in Latin-America, contributing to NGOs, the UN, and the Dominican government. Following this, she returned to France in 2011 and assumed the role of a policy advisor for the Dutch Permanent Delegation to UNESCO. Fueled by a desire for ongoing development and the pursuit of purpose, Mascha trained to become a professional coach in 2018 to assist individuals in navigating their personal and professional career paths. She now finds fulfillment in calling upon her coaching skills to guide students in making informed decisions regarding their university and programme choices, aligning them with their future aspirations.